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March 9 & 10, 2018

The Speakers


We don't mess around when it comes to our speakers. Not only do we bring in top talent from across North America, but we source some of the best digital marketing professionals from right here in Alberta to deliver the iMEDIA Breakout Sessions.

Our speakers work in digital marketing day in and day out. Not only do they know the theory, but more importantly, they’ve got first-hand experience with the application—and they can’t wait to share it with you.


Meet the line-up


Your Keynotes

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Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing


Yang Han, co-founder & cto


Your Breakout & Class Speakers


Breakout Sessions


There's no way to put this gently. The iMEDIA Breakout Sessions are *kind of* a big deal.

One of the benefits of attending the iMEDIA Social Media Conference is that you are getting a program built out by industry professionals. This isn't a conference designed by people who are in the event biz, this conference is designed by people who are in the social media biz. 

Here is this year's line-up!


#bundleupyeg, jasmine topham

Building #bundleupyeg: Using social media to make an impact

Being heard on social media can be tough. Through this session learn about #bundleupyeg's journey from a simple hashtag to a volunteer-run clothing drive, and how the power of the Internet brought this movement to life. Explore how to stand out on social media and take your campaign to the next step.

❤️ Not-for-profit
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta, Suzanne Pescod

Handling Social Media Conflict: The Ins & Outs

People can make social media management and messaging difficult. Whether in full view of your followers or behind the scenes in your organization you'll want some tips, tricks and best practices to manage those difficulties when creating stellar storytelling or bringing your social media vision to life. You can be a social media leader - get people on board and behind what you're doing through practical advice and real life examples!

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Public Sector
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

castria, erika ensign & steven Schapansky

Podcasting 101

Curious about podcasting, but intimidated by the tech side of things? It's not as scary as you might think! We'll show you how easy it can be to get started--from microphones to recording and editing software, we'll give you the lowdown and answer your questions.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Public Sector
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Startup Edmonton, Stephanie Enders

How to hack video ad placement on a budget

Creating great video content is really hard. What's even harder? Getting it in front of new audiences. We'll dive into the nuts & bolts of programmatic video ad placement (fancy words for getting your ad in front of videos your audience is already watching) and how to translate the best of your offline and social media voice to video ad experiments.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

edmonton quotient, jeff samsonow

Relationships not Retargeting

It’s relationships with real people, and understanding our audiences, that will mean continued marketing success. As ad-blockers and pay-to-play marketing become ubiquitous and more businesses take their social and online ads in-house, how do we provide value? By matching values.

❤️ Small Business, Corporate
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

((PANEL)) Karen Unland, Tyler Butler, Andrew Paul, Tema Frank

Podcasts as content marketing: What to look for before you leap

Thinking of starting a podcast to help market yourself, your company or your not-for-profit? We'll explore some of the things you should keep in mind in this panel discussion with Andrew Paul of the Edmonton Community Foundation and The Well Endowed Podcast; Tyler Butler of Don't Call Me A Guru and ATB Financial, and formerly of MacEwan University's Clock Radio; and Tema Frank of Frank Reactions.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Corporate
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Octopus & Son, Dario Hudon

How to do the 'Community Engagement' Without the Sucking?

So, you're a community manager? I’m… so sorry. You're the focus of vitriol, blame, love, and the expectation that you’ll juggle brand reputation, voice, and administration all with sound judgment while you schedule appropriate, time-relevant content that captures, engages, and converts. Breathe. We’ll cover the above while maintaining sanity like a boss!

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Bluetrain Inc., Bryan Smith

SEO 101 (Part 1): Introduction to SEO & On-Page Optimization

This is Part 1 of two introductory SEO sessions. This first session will first focus on answering the questions at a basic level for: What is SEO? Why is SEO important? How search engines work? and What are the elements of SEO?

The remainder of this first session will focus on walking through on-page SEO, which are often factors that are the easiest for marketers to control and implement themselves, such as the written content on a website. Lastly, multiple current search trends will be highlighted and how that is impacting how marketers need to think about websites and content in 2018.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate

Kaden Ave Communications, Avery Johnson & Kady Hobbins

How to Win Followers and Influence People (on Instagram)

Kady and Avery will explore the world of Instagram influencer marketing. From the perspective of a macro influencer and a digital marketer, they will discuss topics such as how to become an influencer, what to do, and what not to do, and how to maximize your influence.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Bluetrain Inc., Bryan Smith

SEO 101 (part 2): Introduction to Technical SEO Factors

This session is Part 2 of two introductory SEO sessions, the first with on-page content optimization as the focus, while this second session is centralized around Technical SEO.

In this Session exposed to many of the key technical factors of a website that can influence search engine performance. We'll discuss relevant search engine trends that are impacting how a website needs to be built and managed moving forward to future-proof itself based on how search engines like Google and Bing are evolving.

Although topics will be of a more technical nature, beginners can be comfortable attending as the objective is to simply create awareness of these crucial factors so marketers know what questions to ask in regard to their websites.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Kick Point, Tammy Valgardson

Show Google Tag Manager Who’s Boss

Are you intimidated by Google Tag Manager? Do you feel you’re not using it to its fullest potential? We’ll show you where to begin, then introduce you to the advanced stuff that will improve your tracking and reporting. Feel confident using Google Tag Manager and fill your mind with analytics possibilities.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector

((PANEL)) Jeff Samsonow, Linda Hoang, Dario Hudon

using instagram stories in your business

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Instagram Stories are officially a *thing*  that you need to pay attention to. In this panel, you'll learn how businesses and influencers are using Instagram Stories and how you can integrate them into your exsisting social media strategies. 

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

Edmonton Community Foundation, Andrew Paul

So, your nonprofit wants to start a podcast...

Learn how to build a show that will set your non-profit up for success in the changing media landscape. 

In this Session, you'll learn everything from how podcasts fit into non-profits' communications toolbox to how to measure the success of your podcast. 

❤️ Not-for-profit
💡 Beginner/Intermediate

strong coffee marketing, brian siddle

Marketing Your Next Event - Minus the Bells and Whistles

With an ample budget and generous lead time, anyone can successfully market an event. What happens when funds get tight and timelines are even tighter? We'll look at low-cost strategies for promoting your next event through digital channels

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

Naheyawin, Jacquelyn Cardinal & Hunter Cardinal

Lessons in Digital Storytelling from Seven Generation Thinking

We all know how critically important storytelling is to a successful content strategy, but do we realize how much we can learn about storytelling from our ancestors.

Join Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal, cofounders of Naheyawin, in exploring the Indigenous decision-making tool of seven generation thinking that Indigenous nations utilized during the negotiations of the numbered treaties. Learn how this tool can be applied to modern-day storytelling and how to strengthen the stories you tell on social in post-TRC Canada.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

starburst creative, rob jennings

Strategy is dead.

Strategy is dead. Research is dead. Demographics are dead. Campaigns are dead. Process is king--and the best process is an agile, always-on, constantly updated and continuously optimized approach to marketing and communications.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

Beverley Theresa

They're talking about you, but are you listening?

More than just stalking your existing customers and target audience online, social media listening helps you nail customer service, market research and boosts your bottom line. But only 24% of businesses say they do social listening! Learn why you should care, see examples (the good and the bad) of what you're missing out on and learn how to implement social listening for your business.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

strong coffee marketing, Duncan McGillivray

Optimize: All About Advanced A/B Testing

It's time to take optimization to the next level. Experimentation is an often overlooked digital marketing strategy, and we want to give you the tools and know-how to help you better understand the chemistry between your customers and your content. In this session, we'll go over A/B testing basics, show you what to optimize, introduce you to the tools to help you do it, and showcase case studies where we've learned some pretty cool stuff.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate/Advanced

Government of Alberta, Sheri Doyle

Social media and the Fort McMurray Wildfire: A lesson in managing crisis

When natural disasters hit, every second counts. Social media will continue to play a role in emergencies, but how do we mobilize resources effectively and create sources of truth? 

Based on real-life experiences during the Fort McMurray wildfire, this session breaks down effective social media strategies that move from evacuation to re-entry and #fortmacstrong. Learn how to build effective crisis teams, create processes for speed and get life-saving information to people when they need it most.

❤️ Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate/Advanced

social lite communications, suzy kenny

How to Win in the Age of Automation

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Every move you make online is being tracked, in real time. Target audiences are now defined by behaviours and interests before location, age, and gender. Embrace the bot and automation - learn about tools and tactics to increase the efficiency of your business, enhance customer service and target advertising to niche audiences.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate
💡 Intermediate/Advanced

DDB Edmonton

Content for the People By the People: UGC and Micro-Influence in 2018

This year, look beyond your internal marketing teams and start leveraging content creators. User-generated content (UGC) gets over 7x more engagement than branded content on social media and is over 80% more influential. In this session, you’ll learn how to convert consumers and followers into content creators and influencers. We’ll cover best in class campaigns, building a UGC strategy and what micro-influencers are + how to find them.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate/Advanced

starburst creative, angelina cho

Integrating Your SEM and Social Media Strategy

The results of executing integrated SEM and social media advertising campaigns are much greater than that of running campaigns isolated to one platform. Cross-channel marketing is becoming increasingly important as users gather information from multiple sources before coming to their final purchase decision. In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits behind a cross-channel approach to SEM and social media advertising.

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate/Advanced


Master Classes


The iMEDIA Master Classes are designed to give the most advanced iMEDIA attendees with the opportunity to really dig into a specific topic and take their skills to the next level.

All Master Classes are available exclusively to iMEDIA attendees and are an optional a-la-carte option to your iMEDIA pass. 

Calder Bateman, Linda Hoang

Developing a successful influencer marketing strategy

This class will guide you through the development of a successful influencer marketing strategy - looking at key approaches and tactics for one-off influencer partnerships, influencer campaigns, and longer-term influencer ambassadorships.

What you'll walk away with:

  • Rationale behind the use influence marketing
  • Factors for influencer identification
  • Ideas on perfecting the 'pitch' 
  • A roadmap for three key influencer partnerships - one-offs, larger campaigns, and longer-term ambassador programs 
  • A better understanding of influencer marketing rates and disclosure
  • How to evaluate and measure ROI of influencer marketing
  • Unique insights from someone who has worked with influencers as well as someone who works with brands as an influencer

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate
💡 Advanced

Paper Leaf, Jeff Archibald

Better Digital Project Management with Project Boards 

Do you manage projects? Internally, or perhaps for your freelance clients? Then you know that poorly managed projects cost you money, time, and sleep. Luckily, we're here to solve that – in this class, you'll learn how to use Asana (free!) project boards to manage any type of digital project from start to finish.

  • Editorial calendars?
  • Website design & development?
  • Social media campaigns? Yes, yes, and yes!

You'll learn how we've progressed at Paper Leaf to using this system to manage large scale, complex web projects that account for nuance, remove the black box (who's doing what right now?) and clearly outline next steps and accountability – and then you'll make your own board for your projects going forward.

What you'll walk away with:

  • A project board template (maybe more than one if you're a keener) in your Asana account
  • You'll be able to use this board immediately for your next project, and re-use this project board template over and over and over again

This class is for you if...

  •  You manage any sort of ongoing digital work
  • You manage multiple clients as a freelancer
  • You manage digital projects with multiple stakeholders 
  • You are accountable for content creation in your company
  • You work in an environment that needs, and is open to, improvements in their project management methods

This class isn't for you if...

  • You don't have pain points in project management
  • You already have another tool that you like for PM, or you just hate Asana for some reason
  • You don't manage projects and don't plan to

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Advanced

Modern Muse Media

Creating Impact Through Social Video

There’s no denying video has become the dominant tactic of every social media strategy, and will continue to be so in the next 3-5 years. But video is the most challenging form of media to produce.

In this class, you’ll learn, from start to finish, how to start generating ideas for videos that connect with your audience and accomplishs your marketing and branding goals.

You’ll then learn how to produce professional quality video stories with a bare minimum of tools.

What you'll walk away with: 

  • An effective way to generate video concept ideas
  • The ability to turn ideas into fully produced video stories
  • Working knowledge of the professional production tools and techniques necessary for making outstanding videos with a minimum of equipment
  • Workflow strategies to make video production manageable and fu

This Class is for you if... 

  • You are responsible for producing video content or your company’s social media strategy
  • You have experience producing video content

This Class isn't for you if...

  • You are not at all involved in the hands-on creation of video content
  • You are a beginner, or have never produced video content

❤️ Not-for-profit, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Advanced