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About us:

At the iMEDIA Social Media Conference, our priority is to provide attendees with a no-fluff, no BS approach to social media marketing. That means for us to consider your Breakout Session, we need to have a clear understanding of what our attendees will walk away from your Session with. What you did is important but the why and how behind that what are the most important.

What is your workflow for getting content approved? What was your strategy for IGTV with your audience (and why did it flop?!) How do you evaluate which influencers to work with? What elements did you research before determining the appropriate brand voice for brand X?

Those are the types of topics we’re looking to cover in our Breakout Sessions. Practical. Tactical. And honest. iMEDIA is a community our attendees want to learn from your successes and challenges.

#iMEDIA19 will mark our 8th annual conference and mark our words, this year is going to be the best one yet.


conference details:

  • March 8 & 9, 2019

  • Edmonton, AB, Canada

  • MacEwan University & Roundhouse


What we need:

1) You must be in the digital trenches... aka you have to be a digital marketer who does the work. We need folks who are getting their hands dirty and know what works and what doesn't. It's what our attendees expect from us so it's what we expect from you.

2) Speaking experience is preferred but we won't accept any recycled presentations. 


Your submission:

We only accept submissions for Breakout Session Speakers. All Keynote opportunities are by invite only and we will not respond to any Keynote requests.

All Breakout Session Speakers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. 

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