Pack your bags... it's time for iMEDIA!


Well. It's officially time to pack your bag friend because the iMEDIA weekend is *right* around the corner and when we say "right around the corner, we literally mean hours away! 

One of the last items on our to-do list before the iMEDIA weekend is to pack πŸ‘ our πŸ‘ bags πŸ‘ and while we might have a few more things to pack compared to you, we thought we'd send you some iMEDIA weekend bag packing inspo to show you what you must bring with you! 


1. Laptop/Tablet

Being that we're all tethered to our phones all the time, sometimes it's nice to be able to look at a full screen and type on a real keyboard. 

There will be *a lot* of note taking opportunities at iMEDIA so whether it's a tablet or a laptop, we highly recommend bringing something with a full-sized keyboard. Your thumbs will thank us later!

2. Your Phone

Well this one is a no-brainer, but we do have one useful reminder for you: make sure you have room for photos on your phone. 


When we were going through the photos and video from last year's conference, we can't even begin to tell you how many pictures we came across of people taking photos of slides. 

3. A Notebook

Here's the thing. Yes, iMEDIA is a tech conference but there is just something special about pen to paper. Bring a notebook. It's a good break for your eyeballs.

Spoiler alert: We tend to be big fans of paper products and we will *probably* have some pretty cool papery swag at #iMEDIA18... but you didn't hear that from us...

4. Cables & Bricks

One of the best parts about hosting iMEDIA at MacEwan is that the place is crawling with power-sources. In fact, every single seat in our Breakout Rooms has it's very own plugin.

So don't worry about bringing your portable batteries, but do bring your own bricks and cables. You'll need to charge up within 90 minutes of being at iMEDIA... that's a promise!  πŸ˜‚

5. Headphones

Don't forget to throw a set of headphones in your bag with all your other goodies! You never know when they will come in handy!

6. Hair-tie

This item is only useful to our long-haired friends, but here's the thing... you never know when you're going to want to toss it in a top-knot so... you're welcome. 

BONUS: Put it in a backpack! 

There is nothing worse than having to lug around an impractical bag all day. Toss everything into a briefcase with a wide strap or ever better yet into a small backpack. Your shoulders will thank you for it! 

DOUBLE BONUS: Bring a sweater or a scarf 🧣

Yes, this is a weird one, but we'd highly recommend bringing a sweater or scarf with you. As with any large building, the temperatures can vary from space to space and let's be real: it's so much easier to focus when you're not shivering. 

Things you won't need...

  • Business cards (swapping Twitter handles is more our style!)

  • Your iMEDIA pass (we'll grab your name when you check-in and away you go!)

  • Uncomfortable shoes (seriously, there's a lot of walking and a lot of stairs!)

  • Portable batteries (we've got power sources everywhere!)

Well, there you have it! Your official packing list for iMEDIA.

Do you have any other items that are *must haves* when you attend a conference? Share your favs in a comment below and we'll see you soon, friends! 

Team iMEDIAComment