Introducing your #iMEDIA19 Keynote... Sarah Feldman from Endy!


Who wants to meet a Keynote?

Insert Big Brother 🎶 who wants to see my HOH room 🎶 music here… 😉😂

Friends, we haven’t been this excited to share Keynote Speakers with you since, well, last year, but oh goodness, we are excited!

Every year when iMEDIA concludes, we start to develop our “wish list” of Keynote Speakers in anticipation of next year’s conference. This year, something very special happened… both of the Keynotes at the top of our list said yes (💍!) and today we’re introducing you to your your first iMEDIA 2019 Keynote Speaker Sarah Feldman.

Sarah is the Director of Communications with Endy. Yes, this is the same Endy popping up in your feeds left, right and centre, and yes, the same Endy who was just acquired by Sleep Country in the largest e-commerce acquisition in Canadian history.

To put it modestly, these guys are a big deal in the Canadian e-commerce space and we cannot wait to have Sarah join us at #iMEDIA19!

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a passionate, creative and results-driven marketing pro with a diverse background in public relations, growth marketing, and strategic communications.


She is an innovator in digital PR and has built numerous cross-channel influencer programs with proven ROI. On top of all that, she has grown Endy’s influencer network into one of Canada's largest and most effective roster of content creators.

Sarah is a firm believer that great PR is measurable PR (🙌🏼) and takes pride in developing influencer and communications plans that boost brand affinity and awareness while also driving dollars.

About Sarah’s Keynote

The reason we are so excited about Sarah’s Keynote is because Endy is a company that has scaled their influencer marketing program and has figured out how to effectively measure the return on investment (ROI) of their influencer marketing program. We know influencer marketing is something the iMEDIA Community is all over and know this Keynote will be so valuable to so many of you.

Endy doesn’t see influencer marketing as a tactic or a trend, it is fuel to the marketing fire. The problem is that few organizations know how to properly measure the impact of their influencer marketing strategy. 

The team at Endy has learned how to leverage their influencer program through every one of their marketing channels and the best part, they're seeing results! Sarah will share the in & outs of the Endy influencer strategy, what they've learned along the way and how you can maximize the impact of your influencer strategy to drive ROI and prove its value within your organization in her #iMEDIA19 Keynote #ROI: Influencer Marketing is a 3 Letter Word 

Now hop on over to Twitter and say hi to Sarah! Tell her #iMEDIA19 sent you (and how darn excited you are for her Keynote!)