Destination: #iMEDIA19 // March 8 & 9, 2019


Oh, hello internet adventurer!

If you’re coming from the iMEDIA Newsletter, welcome friend! If social media is what brought you here, we say hello link-clicker! If you just happened to land here by accident, don’t leave buddy - take a peek around, we’d love to tell you all about #iMEDIA19!

Explore the digital landscape at #iMEDIA19

#iMEDIA19 is all about exploring the digital landscape with 300 of your closest internet adventure buddies. As digital marketers, we tend spend a lot of time behind a screen and are often working solo. Dodging auto-DMs. Fighting off trolls. All while trying to maintain a picture-perfect grid.

iMEDIA is our opportunity to come together to learn from each other and get up to speed on what’s happening in the industry. We’re working on bringing you the best iMEDIA Social Media Conference yet and here are some ways we plan to do that:

  • Influencer marketing was one of the most visible marketing trends of 2018 and we know there is still so much to learn as we continue to evolve our strategies. With that in mind, we invited influencer marketing heavy-hitters, Endy to give one of your Keynote Addresses! They’ll be sharing insight into their influencer marketing strategy and what they’ve learnt along the way. More details coming soon!

  • We’ve invited back some of your favourite Speakers from past iMEDIA Conferences and are working with some new faces to bring you the freshest digital marketing content in the game. We’ll start releasing Breakout Session details in mid-November.

  • This isn’t new, but it is VERY exciting. Our favourite emcees Linda Hoang (@lindork) and Tyler Butler (@tylerjackbutler) will be emceeing #iMEDIA19. Go and tweet them something nice, they’ll like that.

  • This year’s conference will once again be hosted at MacEwan University BUT we are hosting all of our Friday events in Roundhouse! If you aren’t familiar with Roundhouse, prepare to be impressed. Roundhouse is a co-working space located in MacEwan and they focus on supporting individuals and businesses who are committed to making a social impact. The team running the place is incredible and they are so excited to host us!

  • Our Friday Night Kick-off event is going to look a little bit different this year. We will be limiting the number of seats available to better accommodate the space in Roundhouse so if you are planning on getting an iMEDIA All Access pass (which is very much what you should be planning for!) grab them soon! There are only 100 iMEDIA All Access Passes available.

  • Oh! We almost forgot… the 2019 iMEDIA Social Media Conference will be hosted on March 8 & 9, 2019. The details are sprinkled all over our website, but we thought it would be silly not to include it in this post!

We’ll continue to provide you with updates here on the iMEDIA Blog and through the iMEDIA Newsletter so make sure you’re signed up for that!

We can’t wait to explore the digital landscape with you at #iMEDIA19!

-Team iMEDIA