4 Newsletters Every Digital Marketer Should Subscribe To


By George! I sure wish I received more emails!

said no one ever…

Although we haven’t done any formal research on this, we are almost 100% positive not a single person reading this post is thinking, “By George! I sure wish I received more emails!”

We are also 99.9% positive nobody says “by George” either but that is neither here nor there, friends! 😂😂😂

Despite our inboxes being inundated with emails, there are still some newsletters that we open every single time because we find value from the content inside. Knowing that, we pulled together a list of 4 of our favourite newsletters and ones that you should subscribe to right now.

  1. Kick Point

    In our opinion, Kick Point has the best all-around digital marketing newsletter out there. Their ability to curate the perfect balance of relevant industry news and personality makes it a weekly must-read. Not only are they serving lessons in digital marketing through their content, but they’ve got their brand voice on lock-down and is a must-subscribe for anyone looking for a lesson in value-driven email marketing.

    Subscribe to Kick Point’s newsletter.

  2. Wistia

    Okay, so we have something to admit… we seem to have developed a little crush on what Wistia is putting down. Their video marketing content is so on-point and useful that it’s impossible to ignore and their newsletter is a regular reminder to go and consume all of the Wistia video marketing content. If you’re looking to up your video marketing game, run, don’t walk, to subscribe to this gem.

    Subscribe to the Wistia newsletter - it’s at the bottom of their Learning Center page!

  3. Planoly

    The Planoly newsletter focuses almost entirely on Instagram marketing and is regularly favourited in our inbox as a “go back and read this again.” Because Instagram strategies tend to be quite different than other social media marketing strategies, having content dedicated entirely to upping your IG game is 👌🏼.

    Sign up for a free Planoly account to get their newsletter!

  4. Beverley Theresa

    What can we say about Beverley’s newsletter other than it’s awesome AF. Her newsletters are highly tactical (our fav!) and the best part, she doesn’t send her newsletter out on a schedule but rather when she actually has something relevant to say.

    Subscribe to Beverley’s newsletter.

Here are some other digital marketing newsletters the iMEDIA Community cannot live without!


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