No fluff. No BS. Just Adam Rozenhart.

If you live in Edmonton and you think “digital”, chances are the following things comes to mind:

  • #yeg
  • *Instagram photos of food*
  • @bingofuel

Yep, thee @bingofuel, Adam Rozenhart, will be joining us as your iMEDIA 2017 Friday Keynote, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to our line-up.

Those of you who are already engaged in the social media scene have probably met Adam at one point or another. Those of you who haven’t met him… you are in for something special. Adam’s energy and passion towards the digital industry is something you don’t see every day—this guy truly eats, sleeps and breathes digital, and he has more than proved himself in the digital space.

Adam is a 10-year veteran in digital and social media marketing. Right now, he hangs his hat at DDB Canada, working with an incredible team of creative professionals, as a Senior Digital Strategist.

With a BA in Psychology, English and a background in communications writing, Adam was drawn early in his career to the growing phenomenon of social media. One of his earliest projects was as founder and editor-in-chief of, the popular independent Oilers news website written for fans of the team, by fans of the team.

He eventually moved on to take the leading digital role at Calder Bateman Communications, where he led numerous innovative campaigns, including NoHomophobes, which garnered extensive industry recognition and international media attention and has been shared by over 150k users. He also led the digital portion for projects such as Plenty of Syph and Sexgerms with Alberta Health Services; and the recent Pride Tape Crowdfunding Campaign with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta.

Other significant projects include volunteering as Director of Digital Communications for the successful 2013 Don Iveson for Mayor campaign, as well as hosting and producing a travel podcast (the Expats), hosting his own YouTube video channel (Just Adam Minute), and co-founding Nerd Nite Edmonton.

Adam was named one of Alberta Venture’s Next 10 in 2011, made Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2013, and received the University of Alberta Alumni Horizon Award in 2014.

Adam’s Keynote will look at the rise of social media through his personal and client experiences, how brands and organizations should be approaching social today, and where he sees things moving in the future. He’s been through it all, and trust us when we say this guy is the epitome of the “no BS” iMEDIA promise.

This will be the first-ever iMedia Keynote dedicated to the state of the industry, which makes sense when you consider this man got into social media in 2007. HE’S A PIONEER, PEOPLE!

Now please go and give Adam all of the digital high-fives because, well, high fives are fun AND it’ll be fun to make his phone dance around his desk while he’s trying to get some work done today.