3 Reasons Why Sprout Social's "Always-up-to-date social media image guide" is the best social media resource on the internet

If you follow us on any of our social media channels, chances are you've heard us talking about our favourite social media resource, the Sprout Social Always Up-To-Date Social Media Image Sizes guide. Now, you're probably thinking, "Why the heck are you so into this resource? What makes it so wonderful?"

Well, here's our response to you:

  1. It has all the nitty gritty details. It's no secret that social media platforms like to keep you on our toes. Whether it's changing algorithms, evolving platform interfaces, or modifications to their images sizes, each platform has their own way of doing things. I mean, 828px x 315px for a Facebook cover photo... is that even a real size?

    This resource breaks down all of the visual elements for each major social media platform. It provides you with the maximum and minimum image size, the image aspect ratios, and what type of image file will work with the platform.

  2. Everything is in one place. Before this resource existed, you would have to visit 15 different links in Google (sometimes even looking for your answers on Page 2... *gasp!*) before you'd find an article that contained even some of the information you were looking for. Now, we can confidently say that we're going to one place to find all the information we need. Need to know the dimensions for your Instagram profile pic? Boom. How about the YouTube Channel Art for TV display? Double Boom. It's all right there.
  3. The resource is always up to date. Yes, it’s true. Somehow, the magical humans at Sprout Social just know when there are dimension updates and they make sure this trusty tool reflects those updates.

In a world where there is SO MUCH information available to us, it’s great to know there’s a resource we can count on to always have the up-to-date information we are looking for. As social media marketers, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in our work flow, and this is definitely one of those tools that makes our jobs easier.

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