OPINION: Stop trying to make the Poke happen


Let us reminise

The Facebook Poke might just be one of the oldest jokes in the (social media) book. When Facebook first rolled out to the mainstream public in the mid-2000s, our email inboxes began to flood with notifications that we'd been "poked". 

It was funny. It was weird. And it was completely unnecessary but there wasn't much else going on on Facebook at that time so we put up with it. 

Fast-forward to present day

In our daily internet travels, we came across an article on TechCrunch headlined Facebook is trying to make the Poke happen again. The article read: 

A number of people recently noticed the return of the Poke on Facebook’s mobile app.

Though Facebook had never really discontinued the age-old feature, which serves as a quick way to get someone’s attention on its network, it has now given the Poke a highly visible spot.
— Sarah Perez (via Tech Crunch)

Our reaction

This reaction was to the "comeback" of the Poke, not the article. The article was great!

This reaction was to the "comeback" of the Poke, not the article. The article was great!

Immediately followed by:

Replace fetch with Poke... obvi. 

Replace fetch with Poke... obvi. 


the/our verdict

So this begs the question, do you think Facebook can bring the Poke back? 

In our (humble) opinion, the Poke is never going to be a real thing. Facebook is already a jungle. We are being bombarded with an endless supply of content in our News Feeds and quite frankly, #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat. 

While the Poke could bring back nostalgic feeling for some OG social media users, the Poke didn't "work" when there was nothing to do on Facebook, so why would it now? 

If Facebook has a hidden agenda for the "Poke," we're excited to see what that is, but until then, we're going to respectfully bow out of the Facebook Poking and leave that task to our 75-year-old aunts & uncles. 

Because let's be real, that's who's going to be Poking you as soon as they figure out what that little blue button does. πŸ˜‰ 

Do you think the Poke has the potential to make a comeback? Let us know in a comment below! 

Team iMEDIAComment