Let’s get real for a minute... Twitter users tend to lose their marbles whenever Twitter makes a change to the platform. And you know what, that’s partially what makes the Twitter community so amazing. 

Twitter’s core user base is loyal AF and they have stuck around because it’s one of the last social platforms that has stayed true-ish to its original form.

So on November 7th when Twitter went and released the 280 character madness onto the masses, you bet your bottom dollar the tweeps had something to say about it (good, bad, and just plain funny!) 


After everyone had a chance to take a minute and really experience what 280 would mean for their Twitter feed, we took a little poll and can safely say, people really don't seem to care about the change. 


the benefits

From our POV, there are a lot of benefits to having the extra 140 characters. 

  • Live tweeting is a breeze. Now you don't have to sit in a corner hunched over your phone trying to pull back the character count. Win.
  • No more abrvs. While abbreviations were always a community manager's BFF when trying to wiggle down that character count, we can now all revert back to using real words! Double win!
  • Bye, bye "tweet notes". No elaboration required for that bullet point... 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Fewer threads. We've still seen threads show up in our feeds, but they're harder to come by. 

what does it mean

To sum things up, we really haven't noticed the 280 characters impacting our day-to-day tweeting. When you stop and really think about it, 280 is a lot of characters and considering we've all been tweeting within the 140 limit for so many years, it's almost (dare we say it) *hard* to use up all 280. And like we said in our initial tweet about the new character limit, just because you *can* use all 280, doesn't mean you *should*... 

Creating great content is always the answer so if these extra 140 characters are going to help you deliver amazing content to your Twitter community, make it happen but if you're doing a 💣 job with 140, that's okay too. 

And for the record, with or without 280 characters, we're still going to be using abrvs, because at this point, it's totes part of the brand. 😉💁🏻‍♂️