A letter for managers who just don’t get it… yet


** This post was updated January 2019 to include the iMEDIA 2019 Manager Letter **

There are two kinds of managers: those that immediately understand the value of social media (*cough* and the iMEDIA Social Media Conference) and those that just need a little extra convincing.

If your manager falls into the latter category, we’ve got you covered. The iMEDIA Manager Letter breaks down all of the key conference highlights to help you get the approval you need, including:

  • The quality of speakers and the value of their real-world experience

  • The fact that you can choose Breakout Sessions that are specific to your level of understanding

  • Previous conference attendees’ recommendation and our personal favourite, return percentages (aka, the people that keep on coming back to iMEDIA year after year after year!)

But you know your boss best, so amend the letter as you like to help make your case. After all, we know you *really* want to join us at iMEDIA and quite frankly, we'd *really* like to see you there! 🤓

If you know the Breakout Sessions you plan to attend, include the details. Or mention the actual strategies within your organization that your learnings from iMEDIA will impact. Or heck, just pepper it with buzzwords. That always guarantees some attention. ROI… Earned media… Customer loyalty… Brand equity... Oh. And don't forget millennial. 😉 

Good luck, and we wish you look in your future endeavors (aka, we'll see you in March!)