3 ways to stay up to date in the ever changing world of social media

The social media landscape changes on the daily. Whether it’s algorithm tweaks, notable viral trends, or yet another new platform being introduced, we, as social media marketers, have to stay on our toes. But in a world of information overload, it can be difficult to know where to start, so we thought we’d help you with that.

Here are three tips to staying up to date in the world of social media:

1. Curate a list of go-to resources (and check them every day!)

We have some favourite sites we check every single morning with our morning cup of coffee to see what’s gone on in the world of social over the last few hours.

These sites cover everything from business to watercooler conversation starters and, of course, what’s going on in social media and tech. Not only does this help us understand what the landscape is looking like that day, but it actually helps us curate content for our own social channels. It also helps us understand what is going to be relevant to our iMEDIA attendees. Here are some of our favourites:

2. Create a Twitter List with some of your favourite social media professionals and influencers.

Creating a Twitter List will help you block out the noise and see only what is important to you and your business. You might want to follow a speaker that you learned from in a webinar or a social media heavy hitter like Gary Vaynerchuk. Don't know how to create a Twitter List? Let Twitter show you the ropes! 

Pro tip: Find someone you trust and respect in the industry and take a peek at who they follow. This will speed up your own list-making time, and we guarantee you’ll learn about some awesome social media pros you didn’t know about before.

3. Treat yo’ self!

Book yourself in for an annual learning opportunity and learn from the pros--but be sure to do your research before choosing your PD.

Look for conferences and events that focus on tactical, real world applicables, not the fluffy BS. Not only will the learning opportunities from the speakers advance your digital strategy, but we can PROMISE you that the connections you make with other attendees at those events will push you to become even better at your craft. Luckily for you, we know an event that checks off all of those boxes! 😊🤓😆