Introducing Your [1st Round] of iMEDIA Speakers!

Well, today is the day! We are officially announcing our first round of iMEDIA Speakers. We've invited back some of your favourites and of course, we're bringing some new folks into the fold to shake things up for you. 

Now don't get it twisted, this is not your full line-up. These lovely humans are only a small piece of your iMEDIA pie. We'll be announcing more speakers over the upcoming weeks with a very special [Keynote!] announcement coming over the next few days. 

Be excited people. Be very, very excited! 

Without further adieu, here is your [1st round] of iMEDIA Breakout Sessions Speakers and a teeny tiny teaser about their Session topics.  


Beverley Theresa:

We know you already know this BA lady. Not only is she some of the sassier social media pros we know, but she was one of our iMEDIA 2016 crowd favourites. Beverley will be talking about the Dark Side of Social Media at #iMEDIA17.

Jeff Samsonow:

You might recognize this familiar face from Capital Ideas. Jeff knows his stuff when it comes to activating a community (have you SEEN the Capital Ideas community lately!?) so it only made sense to have Jeff speak at iMEDIA about that exact topic: activating your community.  

Linda Headshot 2.jpg

Linda Hoang:

PB&J. Green onion cakes & YEG. Linda Hoang & iMEDIA. Really, they just go together. At #iMEDIA17, you get to learn from Linda about how to deploy an effective influencer marketing strategy (and really, who better to learn this from than Linda!) 

Bridget Eastgaard: 

Bridget joined us at iMEDIA 2016 and dammit, you people loved her so we invited her back. Bridget is going to take things one step further at #iMEDIA17 and walk you through blogging for *gasp* profit. Yes. It can be done, friends! 

Tyler Butler: 

You met Tyler at iMEDIA 2016 where he shared the stage with Linda about the [then] new platform, Snapchat. This year, Tyler is taking it one step further with his Snapchat session and will be showing you the ins & outs of developing (and sustaining!) a successful Snapchat content strategy. *insert puppy face filter here*


Brian Siddle:

We can count on Brian for add two critical components to our iMEDIA conferences. 1) His undeniable understanding of the social media landscape and 2) photos of Calliou. At #iMEDIA17, Brian is talking all about content and will help you find ways to create bite-sized content for your social channels. 

Meagan Smith:

Oh Meagan. What a treat we are in for with you. Meagan is joining as a first-time iMEDIAer and she has such an incredible session planned for you people. If you've been wondering how the heck you're supposed to define your brand voice (or how to juggle them all!) Meagan has got you covered.  

Chris Mikulin: 

Pixels. Conversions. Audiences. Budget. If you're hoping to take your Facebook advertising to the next level, Chris is your guy. We're thrilled to have Chris joining us at #iMEDIA17 to take you into the depth of Facebook Advertising through his advanced workshop. Also, be sure to ask him to do a yo-yo trick for you. You won't be disappointed. 

Andriy Tovstiuk:

One of the best parts about iMEDIA is that we uncover new kick @*$ digital marketers every year and if you're someone who uses social as a means to get word out about your events, you'll be happy we uncovered the one, the only, Andriy Tovstiuk. 

Duncan McGillivray:

Duncan is a new face to our iMEDIA line-up and is going to bring you a new perspective to user behaviour through his experience in digital advertising. Welcome to the crew, Duncan! 

Well, there you have it friends! Our first round of pretty awesome iMEDIA 2017 Speakers. We can't wait to share the rest of our line-up with you. We aren't kidding when we say you should keep this excitement level going because this iMEDIA line-up is going to be something special. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ŠπŸ€“