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March 9 & 10, 2018

About iMEDIA


The iMEDIA Social Media Conference is a conference dedicated to providing attendees with a no fluff, no BS approach to digital marketing. What does this mean? Quite simply, iMEDIA aims to provide attendees with practical and tactical education. iMEDIA 2018 will mark our 7th annual conference. And yes, we know... how has it already been 7 years?! 


Maintaining our  promise

Our promise to attendees is that they will walk away from iMEDIA with new strategies and tools to implement first thing Monday morning. We don't believe in pulling together a program that has a bunch of high-level, picture-perfect theory. If you've decided to spend your time with us, it's only fair that we make the most of our time together and show you the things you really need to know.

To help us maintain the iMEDIA promise, we bring in speakers who are feet-on-the-ground digital marketers and communicators. These are the people in the digital trenches. They're developing the strategies, implementing the social ad campaigns, and perfecting that brand voice. Trust us when we say, these people are the real deal and they know their stuff. 

Past iMEDIA Speakers have included social media heavy-hitters Twitter Canada, WestJet, DDB Canada, Poppy Barley and Ronald McDonald House Charities. We also engage with a variety of local agencies and national brands to help build out the iMEDIA programming.


Is iMEDIA for you?


Whether you’re just dipping your toe in the social media waters or you’re swan diving into the deep end, there will be something for you at iMEDIA.

Maybe you’re starting a new role in business development at a not-for-profit… or managing all of the social media accounts for your organization… or maybe you’re running an e-commerce business out of your parents’ basement.

Whatever your role or industry, iMEDIA covers everything you really need to know about the latest trends in social media marketing (& other emerging digital media applications). 


Roles of past attendees

If you're still wondering if you should attend, maybe this list of roles from past attendees will help you out. 

  • President
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Web & Digital Strategy Lead
  • Senior Communications Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Communications Consultant
  • Digital Communications Specialist
  • Content Manager


Please be advised that iMEDIA attendees will be exposed to a number of Caillou related references. We can't help it... it's just the way it goes... 


Location, Location!


We are thrilled to be partnering with MacEwan University and Roundhouse as our iMEDIA 2018 Venue Partner.

This year's iMEDIA conference will be hosted in the Robbins Health Learning Centre and in the newest addition to MacEwan's downtown campus, the Allard Hall. The modern, open space, with the bustling downtown backdrop, provides the ideal locale for learning and networking.



With the conference located in downtown Edmonton, there are, of course, many public transportation options available; however, there is also plenty of parking available on campus. This includes an underground parkade right at the conference venue. 

The Robbins Health Learning Centre is Location 9 on the Parking Map.

PS: You can also add an iMEDIA Parking Pass to your iMEDIA Conference pass OR you can pay for parking on the day-of. See MacEwan parking rates.

Public Transportation

To plan your trip with public transportation, visit the ETS Trip Planner or explore the MacEwan University parking options with this map.





+ What is the iMEDIA Social Media Conference?

It’s a social media conference, obviously. But at iMEDIA, we focus entirely on providing a no-fluff, no BS approach to online marketing so you can rest easy knowing you’ll walk away with relevant, ready-to-apply learning for the real world.

+ When is iMEDIA 2018?

iMEDIA 2018 will be held March 9 & 10, 2018.

+ Where will iMEDIA 2018 be held?

iMEDIA 2018 will be held at the MacEwan University in downtown Edmonton. Lucky for us, we'll be spending the iMEDIA weekend in the Robbins Health Learning Centre and the newest addition to MacEwan's downtown campus, the Allard Hall.

+ Is iMEDIA for me?

If you’re someone who works in marketing or communications, you should absolutely attend iMEDIA. Whether you’re a VP of marketing, a digital strategist or a communications co-ordinator, we’ve got something for you.

+ I don’t currently work in a social media role, but I’d love to learn more about it. Would I be totally out of my league at iMEDIA?

No! At iMEDIA, we have content for every level of social media savvy.

+ What types of organizations should attend iMEDIA?

We try and make the conference as relevant as possible to all types of organizations. We have sessions designed for small business owners, corporate communicators, not-for-profits and public sector organizations.

+ What kinds of topics will be covered at iMEDIA 2018?

While iMEDIA is primarily a social media conference, we do cover a broad range of digital marketing topics through our breakout sessions. You can expect sessions about emerging social media platforms, communication fundamentals, social analytics, and much more.

+ How many sessions will I get to attend at iMEDIA?

That depends on what type of conference pass you get but most people get to attend 2 Keynote Sessions and a minimum of 4 Breakout Sessions.

+ When will I get to select my iMEDIA breakout sessions?

We typically open breakout session registration in early February. This allows us to have the most up-to-date programming at the conference (after all, social media is changing on the daily!) and gives ALL registrants the opportunity to have a fair chance at seeing their top Breakout Session choices face to face.

+ How do I select my iMEDIA breakout sessions

We will send you an email with details on how to choose your sessions when the time comes.

+ What is an iMEDIA Master Class?

iMEDIA Master Classes are three- to six-hour deep-dive sessions with industry professionals. These aren’t for the faint of heart; these classes are for our more advanced iMEDIA attendees who need help with a specific topic.