Rock ROI With Social Media Dashboards

Bryan Smith
Bluetrain Inc.

3-hour class

This class is best for...
❤️ NFP
❤️Small Business
❤️ Corporate
❤️ Public Sector

March 10, 2017
1PM to 4PM

The overarching purpose of this class is to put the necessary pieces in place to allow marketers to show ROI from their social media efforts.

This entails: 1) understanding what your business goals are from social media, and 2) identifying what can be clearly measured as online business outcomes.

This class assumes that the majority of online business outcomes would most likely take place on an organization's website, such as e-commerce transactions, lead capture forms, downloads, registrations, etc. As a result, the focus will be on showing participants how to properly tag social media campaigns and configure Google Analytics so accurate data can be analyzed.

The class will cover how to:

  • Identify your goals for social media

  • Properly do analytics tagging for social media

  • Configure analytics for separating paid from non-paid social

  • Build a social media dashboard report in Google Analytics

Class takeaways:

  • Social media campaign tagging guidelines

  • A new 'paid social' channel set up in your Google Analytics account

  • Your own Google Analytics social media dashboard

✅ This class is for you if... 

  • Your organization is active on social media

  • You’re running (or planning to run) paid social advertising/posts and you want to prove ROI of your efforts to senior management (i.e. get more budget)

  • You simply want to better analyze your social media activity from a business outcomes perspective (leads, sales, actions, etc.) to make ongoing improvements

❌ This class isn't for you if...

  • You are not yet active with social media

  • You have no interest in understanding the actual business outcomes (ROI) of your social media activity

If you are signing up for this Master Series class, please make sure to have the following in place before the class:

  • Google Analytics account

  • 1+ active social media account (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)

Please bring the following with you to this Master Series class:

  • A laptop with Internet access

  • Eagerness to learn and have fun!


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About Bryan: 

Bryan is a digital marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience in search marketing, online advertising and web analytics. Satisfying his love for both technology and results-based marketing, Bryan founded Bluetrain in 2007. Bluetrain is a focused digital marketing agency offering ongoing management for clients in San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and its home base of Edmonton. More locally, Bluetrain actively works with respected Alberta brands, such as EPCOR, ATB Financial, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation, Athabasca University, Jacek Chocolate, and Strathcona County, to name a few.

Content Marketing Strategy: Making what works

Idris Fashan
Daytona Homes

6-hour class

This class is best for...
❤️ NFP
❤️ Small Business
❤️ Corporate

March 10, 2017
9AM to 4PM

If you maintain social media accounts, publish blogs and deliver email newsletters, you're in the world of content marketing. It’s a key ingredient in a successful marketing mix, but more than 80% of content produced online is a waste of someone's time.

Why? Because 80% of what's created is made without a content strategy.

What makes a strategy powerful is not only knowing what you will do, but knowing what you won't do. Strategies eliminate wasted time and effort by focusing on the areas of marketing that gain the highest returns for the least effort and lowest cost.

This class will cover how to:

  • Analyze the content you currently produce to better understand why you’re doing it and how to avoid channel overload and confusion

  • Identify goals

  • Create strategies and tactics completely structured around your requirements and customer needs

  • Lay out timelines to establish and maintain a baseline to build on

Class takeaways:

  • A complete understanding of the content marketing funnel and how to apply the theory

  • A sense of where your visitors come from, how they become customers and how different activities contribute to the customer journey

  • How to apply different types of content to get a result that leads prospects down the path to purchase

  • A content marketing strategy that targets the right people at the right time, place, device, etc.

  • An understanding of how to measure success and ROI

✅ This class is for you if...

  • You’re under pressure to deliver more content and better content, but can't find the time

  • You’re eager to prove that content can drive relationships, conversions and sales

  • You have some experience in website marketing

  • You have used analytics and data reports, even at a basic level

❌ This class isn't for you if...

  • You have not created content before

  • You don’t have basic knowledge of content marketing and digital marketing

  • You’re not involved in editorial or wider decisions on how content is managed or produced

  • You’re looking for introductory information about content marketing and web marketing

If you are signing up for this Master Series class, please make sure to have the following in place before the class:

  • Access to your website analytics (preferably Google Analytics) and reports of sufficient time (at least 90 days).

  • Admin (editorial level) access to your website and all of your company/organization social media accounts

  • Access to all newsletters or other subscription-based web services (content curation, etc.) that deliver content to prospects/customers/fans/members

Please bring the following with you to this Master Series class:

  • A laptop with Internet access (tablets are extremely finicky with Google services)

  • Logins for all content and web services (accessed at the very beginning of the class)

  • Paper and pens/pencils for sketching

  • Note-taking apparatus for separate notes (laptop, Moleskine, notebook, etc.)

  • Phone or device for social media posts and random searches


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About Idris:

Idris is a digital marketing consultant, content strategist and copywriter who dreams of a better web, one that connects, enables and engages us. He has fought in the marketing trenches across Canada (going back to Web 1.0), working in diverse fields such as arts and culture, retail, research, energy, construction and biotech. He brings his understanding of technology, communication, connection and value exchange to anyone ready to listen, from the executor to the executive. He presents these ideas in a real-world way with takeaways that you can immediately add to your marketing toolbox.