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The iMEDIA Breakout Sessions are one of the biggest draws to the conference. Not only do we aim to provide you with a wide selection of Sessions, but we are working around the clock to ensure that your Sessions reflect industry trends and of course, we always want to make sure that we have Sessions for every level of social savvy. 

You will be able to customize your iMEDIA Schedule and add your desired Breakout Sessions at the top of February, but for now, here is a taste of what we have to offer at #iMEDIA17! 😆🤓😊

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How-to: Execute Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Linda Hoang
Calder Bateman

Influencers can share a brand's message in more meaningful and authentic ways than the brand can: 92% of consumers trust people's recommendations over brands; over 80% of marketers are planning to run influencer campaigns this year; and 60% plan to increase their spending.

You'll leave this session with insights from someone who has been on both sides of influencer marketing—as an influencer approached by brands and as a brand approaching an influencer. From this, you’ll gain practical knowledge on how to identify influencers in your industry, create your own influencer marketing strategy, and execute influencer marketing campaigns.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Beginner

Activating your community

Jeff Samsonow
The Edmontonian Media Co. 

Using information and data you've probably already got, thanks to newsletters, social media and other client and customer tracking, we’ll look at ways to figure out who your biggest fans are and how to get them sharing your conversation even more—online and offline.

Examples will include social media missions, in-person events, and ways to tap into existing communities that make sense for your organization or brand. And it doesn't even involve spreadsheets.*

*May involve spreadsheets, but only a little, Jeff swears.

❤️ Small Business, Corporate
💡 Beginner

Expanding your reach without breaking the bank

Breanne Ross, Ashton Paulitsch, Diana Gaviria
Alberta Cancer Foundation

Using social media, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has built a strong network of individuals across the province who are committed to helping make life better for Albertans facing cancer.

Using case studies from events such as Bust a Move Edmonton and the Alberta Cancer Foundation's “More Moments” campaigns, this session will show you how to find, activate and leverage ambassadors. It will also cover the best ways to use Facebook advertising tools to take your brand to the next level... without breaking the bank!

❤️ NFP, Small Business
💡 Beginner

live video: history, perspective & strategy, oh my! 

Dario Hudon-Verrelli
Octopus & Son Social Media Inc.

Where is live video taking us? Visual storytelling is changing our digital strategies, from accessibility to perspective—so how can you add it to your content calendar without overwhelming your schedule?

Join us for an engaging session that will have you thinking about live video in a different light.

❤️ Small Business
💡 Beginner, Intermediate


Dario Hudon-Verrelli
Octopus & Son Social Media Inc.

Live video needs purpose and direction to be effective, so what makes for good content?

From understanding your channels’ needs to developing unique ideas and adopting best practices, this session is built to help you implement live video into your content strategy so you can take advantage of the best storytelling tool social media has to offer.

❤️ Small Business
💡 Beginner, Intermediate

Blogging For Business & Profit

Bridget Casey
Money After Graduation Inc.

Your blog is a powerful customer service tool and investing in it properly will create loyal, engaged fans who can't wait to buy from you.

This session will cover how your blog can help you: Enhance your customer or client's experience with your service/product; make potential customers want to buy, and existing customers want to buy MORE; and foster a sense of community for your brand you can't create anywhere else

Bridget will also share a brief outline of what to blog—and how often—in order to get the most out of it.

❤️ Small Business, Corporate
💡 Beginner, Intermediate

Who Do You Think You Are?!: A Look at Brand Voice in Social Media

Meagan Smith
Kick Point

Brand voice is the most important—and most frequently overlooked—piece of a social media strategy, formal or not.

Through this presentation, attendees will develop a strong basis for building their own brand voice and how to implement it on social media. More importantly, they will have a better understanding of why this is crucial for their business, large or small.

We’ll use case studies of fictitious brands to examine brand voice and discuss how to improve brand consistency. Following the main presentation, two attendees will have the chance to go head-to-head in crafting content for these brands for a chance to win a private, one-hour consultation on their organization’s brand voice in social media.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Beginner, Intermediate 

Storytelling Through Media and Social Media

Suzanne Pescod
Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta

We’ve all had those stories that tugged at our heartstrings and we thought would get amazing traction—but then splat. Nothing, no pick up, nada. There’s often more to learn from those moments than the successful ones, and this session will cover some of the ways we used those moments to create future success and backtracking through how we made it possible.

We’ll look at what gains traction in media and social media by creating our own story within the session. Attendees will use their own Twitter accounts to see what 'sticks' and what 'stinks' as we weave a story throughout the session.

When attendees leave this session, they should have some tools for how to craft, share, and amplify their own stories—including how to pitch, when to pitch, and where to pitch.

❤️ NFP, Small Business
💡 Beginner, Intermediate

Virtual Society and Your Business

Kihya Beitz
Kihya Jacqueline Marketing

Virtual reality and augmented reality are bringing about a change, not just for mobile games and apps; shopping, travel, and even entertainment are all being affected.

Implementing VR and AR into marketing plans allows for a memorable impact on customers or clients and creates an emotional connection that allows users to remember their experiences for longer periods of time. When individuals remember things longer, they are more likely to share it with others. And when it comes to marketing, sharing is the basis of all campaigns.

This session will discuss the social perspective and impact that VR and AR are having. We’ll take a look at one to two case studies that show how these technologies are being implemented, and the kind of reaction businesses are getting from their customers.

❤️ NFP, Small Business
💡 Beginner, Intermediate


Creating Bite-Sized Content

Brian Siddle
Strong Coffee Marketing

Creating content can be a daunting task for any organization. Taking larger pieces of content and breaking them down into bite-sized chunks is an effective way of keeping things manageable. We'll look at an example of this process from the content collection phase right through to the organization and sharing of these bite-sized pieces.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

It's a Snap: How to Create an Impactful Snapchat Content Strategy

Tyler Butler
MacEwan University

On Snapchat, your content doesn't stick around, so you need a great strategy to keep generating entertaining and engaging content.

Learn how to structure your Snapchat stories, what post types drive the most engagement, and how to use Snapchat geofilters effectively. And then learn how to measure it all so that you can show your boss how amazing you are at this Snapchat thing.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

Why Should I Care About You?

Randy Brososky
Group of Rogues

Why should I care about you?: It's a question running through every consumer's head. And without a compelling answer, you'll never get the customer loyalty you need for a thriving business.

Bad news: it's not a simple answer that you can slap on your product as a tagline. The answer digs down to the very DNA of your organization and can be incredibly hard to solve.

Good news: figuring it out can help refine your messages, shield your business from economic fluctuations, and continue growing a loyal customer-base that can't live without you.

The secret is a foundational strategy, a deep understanding of why you exist and why anyone else should care. Whether you are connecting with your customers over Twitter, over coffee or overseas, your conversations need to be based on values, not products and services.

Randy will take you on a deep dive of foundational strategy, to help you understand the purpose of your business, the values that are in its blood, and how to translate that into meaningful conversations with your audience, customer loyalty and advocacy, and a healthier business overall.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

Promoting your event on social

Andriy Tovstiuk

This session will provide an overview for nailing your digital marketing and communications strategy at any event, specifically the tactical strategies for pre, during and post event plans.

Topics covered will focus on event promotion through paid/owned/earned media unique to the events industry. These include:

  • Using media relations and industry-related influencers
  • Organizing an effective social media team for the event
  • Knowing which social platforms to focus on
  • Developing unique and engaging social media promotions for the event
  • Using social content management software (e.g., live feeds)
  • Promoting social media use during an event through scripting, collaterals and signage
  • Collecting and developing content for social media
  • Understanding how to listen in and amplify conversations
  • Setting effective digital benchmarks

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate

Luring the Media: Perfecting online presence to leverage press

Janis Galloway
Publicity Room

The smartest brands leverage and optimize their online presence to attract media attention. When a journalist visits your Instagram feed or your website, what compelling story are you weaving across your platforms? Are you making it easy for them to spotlight you?

In this session, Publicity Room will show examples and share the elements of a media-friendly website and social media feed to increase traditional media opportunities and connect with journalists who will share your brand story with the masses. We'll also look at case studies of successful online campaigns that caught momentum in the digital world, which resulted in attention from media outlets.

❤️ NFP, Small Business
💡 Intermediate

The Dark Side of Social Media

Beverley Theresa
Top Draw

Black hat social media soldiers game the system to manipulate search engine rankings, engagement rates and vanity metrics.

This session will take a look behind these questionable tactics that tread the line of unethical social media and content marketing techniques. Beverley will show you the tools, real life examples and a behind-the-scenes look at companies who provide these services. Arm yourself with knowledge from the darker side of social media and battle the beast between white and black hat marketing.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate, Advanced

How User Behaviour is Defining PPC Keyword Strategy

Duncan McGillvray
Strong Coffee Marketing

We’ll take a deep dive into keyword trends and tie what we're seeing to specific user behaviours, from user searches that indicate information gathering to those that show a specific buying strategy (like showrooming or webrooming).

We’ll also dig into how mobile is changing the way we search, especially when it comes to voice searches and AI like Siri and Cortana. And finally, we’ll bring this all together, by showing a unique keyword and ad strategy method that lets you sift through the clutter and hone in on relevant searches and show customized ads that really boost ROI and provide value to your clickers.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Intermediate, Advanced

ADVANCED sessions

Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks

Chris Mikulin
Box Clever

As Facebook rolls out more and more new features every day for advertisers, they make it hard to stay up to date. Chris will go over advanced techniques that anyone can use to help target people on Facebook and get the most out of your advertising budget.

❤️ NFP, Small Business, Corporate, Public Sector
💡 Advanced

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